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About Me

Since childhood I have gravitated to the unseen and unknown in our world. Eventually I discovered that I had a gift. I often refer to myself as a Medium because I act as a liaison between the physical world and to the esoteric world. Allowing individuals to reconnect with loved ones has been one of the most gratifying experiences of my life and I look forward to continuing this work. I have been a practicing Holy Fire Reiki Master since 2016 and now currently study Ka Ta See Shamanism as an apprentice under Kay Whiteaker. My journey has led me to study various disciplines and now my aspiration is to use these tools to help and heal individuals.

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Intuitive Readings

I offer this service to anyone who feels that they need closure or a chance to reconnect with loved ones who are no longer among the living. This is a fantastic opportunity to receive advice from the other side and share the gift of love. Although sometimes clients have a specific loved one in mind, keeping an open mind is crucial because I never know who is going to show up!


Reiki Therapy

As a Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master, I balance energy and clear negative energy that sometimes hides in our energetic body. When our chakras become unbalanced, our physical bodies may also experience pain, distress or discomfort. Reiki uses the Life Force Energy, sometimes referred to as Chi or Prana to heal the imbalances in the energetic body. Additionally, I offer an Intuitive Reiki session for those needing a more extreme methodology or insights.


Tarot Card Reading

Tarot cards have been around for centuries. They offer a fun and insightful way to understand a large range of topics. I use Tarot Readings for individuals who have specific questions that they would like answered or simply guidance to illuminate the path.


Residential & Commercial Cleansing

Clearing is one of the most important healings that I offer. Clients will move into a new-to-them space and be living or working on top of pre-existing energy. Negative energy, stagnant energy and even energy left behind from other people can cause a space to feel cramped, dingy or lethargic. Just like an artist starts with a blank canvas, clearing a space allows for a fresh start. Clearing modalities include crystal use, smudging, sound clearing and shaman practices.

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Holly is amazing. I went to see Holly to see if I could connect with my sister who had passed away. Holly told me things that there was no way she could have known. She related some messages from my sister to me. What really blew me away the most was a couple of weeks later she asked me if I had put a picture of my sister on my fridge. I had just put one on my fridge a few days before that. Holly said that my sister really like that I did that. Holly is the real deal. I would highly recommend her. I can’t wait to go see her again.


 Thank you Holly for my reading... there was a lot of accurate and interesting information you told me...I was really impressed when you told me about my Dad because he was actually the one person that I was hoping would come to you. The cards indicated my mum and sisters relationship that I hadn’t even thought of before and made perfect sense to me.


I had never had a reading from a Medium before...my experience with Holly was a positive one and I will be going back again. She was professional and took time to explain how the process works, since I was unsure what to expect. She made me feel at ease which helped me offer information that made what she saw in the cards relevant to me. I trust Holly and appreciate her insight.


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